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699 Madison Avenue.

Located in one of New York City’s high-end retail districts, this seven-story historic commercial building has a long track record of attracting tenants with unique retail and commercial niches—from rare book dealers, to purveyors of custom-designed jewelry and stationery, to high-end furniture and eyewear. Planet-GBS takes over at a unique juncture, as interior upgrades and exterior refurbishment are linked to upgrades to heating, lighting, and water-use systems.

clark on projects

CLARK On 699 Madison Avenue:

“This building has unique resonance for me and my family. My partner discovered that her dad had worked on the 7th floor of 699 Madison Ave. sixty years ago, at the beginning of his long book-publishing career. It’s a thrill to take over the management of such a distinctive New York City landmark, with a fascinating mix of tenants, some with second and third generation members working in the family business.”